rica and esteban

meet rica
and the mule he
named john deere

rica and esteban
farm on the property.
they use the most
basic tools.

 esteban is 70
and uses his bare feet
to prepare rows of soil

rica rigs an
old metal plow
to a mule

for rica and esteban,
 it doesn't take more
than 2 or 3 things
to grow food:

1. seeds
2. fertile soil
3. hard work

a good new year's
resolution is to not
 doubt our potential
to grow, harvest,
and create.

life is in
our hands.


Hannah Sadie said...

love this.

C. Lynn said...

I love this post. Best to you and yours for a happy new year! xx

PK Studios said...

I agree..... Happy New Year!

Maria said...


Marchi Wierson said...


Bonito said...

Feliz 2010, y seguí deleitandonos con tus increíbles post, y sabe que acá en la isla de palma de Mallorca serás siempre bienvenida!

Eric said...

Mexican produce...I miss IT!

A tia of mine used to have a mule "parking lot" for the market vendors that visited our town on Mondays. The scents of ensilage, produce, masa or mule dung always take me back to a very happy place.

picOweek said...

A mule needs a good name.

Daniel & Liesel said...

how inspiring!...back to basics.
I love the blog xoxo


colemiranda8 said...

ilove the post its simple but effective