the old man and the sea

tell me a "big fish" story

or some kind of
an exaggeration
of the truth


The Browns said...

loove the center image!

ee said...

I once watched an old man do a magical trick, hiding and making a coin re-appear. But instead of watching the coin or his hands i watched his eyes. They where gleaming, a hint of sadness, a touch of secrecy. Then these suddenly reached mine and my heart stopped - quite literally. He blinked and the world stopped, he said for me to let go, of what I asked? Of your ambitions. -Another blink, my heart started, then the world.
Then I noticed my hand held a message, a pice of paper; all your hard work will soon pay off.

I hope its soon... I have been working hard, is it soon?

Erica said...

Mother had bought a pound of plums, washed them, and left them on a big plate in the center of the table. They were for dinner.

Little Vanya had never tasted plums in all his life and was very curious. First he sniffed the fruit, wrinkled his nose at the pleasing smell, and decided he liked them very much. Dinnertime was still a long way off and Vanya could not wait.

As soon as he was alone in the dining room, he seized a big plum and ate it quickly.

When dinnertime came, Mother counted the plums and noticed that one was missing. She informed Father.

The whole family sat around the table to eat and in the course of the meal, Father asked, ''Now then, children, have any of you eaten a plum?''

Each child answered in turn: "No."

But Vanya turned as red as a lobster.

Then Father said, "It is wrong to steal a plum; but that's not all. You see, plums have stones and if you swallow a stone you'll die. That is what I am afraid of."

Vanya turned pale and said: "But I threw the stone out of the window." And everyone laughed while Vanya wept.

(Tolstoy, The Plum Stone)

Mark said...


Haley said...

Really enjoy the way you write, so unrestricted yet so deliberate.

Haley Wulfman

Daniel-Halifax said...

my father is a fisherman.

in the late 60's on one of his first boats he did an experiment for nation marine fisheries. they wanted him to see how much ice his size boat could handle in the freezers. in the middle of the atlantic his boat capsized. he was in the wheel house and thought he was a gonner and sat back to die. he thought of my oldest brother now, 39 and changed his mind. when the water filled into the wheelhouse he broke the window with his fists and escaped. all three men survived.

true story. i still see the scars on his knuckles everyday.

there's another one about a right whale but ill save it.

Colorado Photos said...

Oh these are lovely!I really like the last photo.