one must not confuse
velvet with velour

there's an art to lounging

dress your best
or wear nothing at all

1. shalom harlow & amber valetta
ph: patrick demarchelier

2. jean-etienne liotard
marie adelaide of France, 1753

3. ph: ana kras

4. charlotte rampling
ph: juergen teller

5. sandy and agar, 1961
ph: hunter s. thompson

6. vogue italia,08
ph: steven meisel


best book
reading women
by stefan bollmann

ramón casas i carbó
after the ball, 1895


If Jane said...

oh i just recently discovered ana kras...i think she is great!!!
super post...and yes...there is a diference between velvet and velour! ;)

Anonymous said...

I love the Thompson photo, beautiful Big Sur, Doberman, Anonymous nude.... What a great combo. It's like a freudian dream. Never thought of Thompson as a photographer.

Liotard, I had no idea they had such nice couches in the 18th Century. Thank you for this nice post.


TheCluelessCrafter said...

Teller's is bone chilling. It doesn't seem comfortable, almost like a crime scene photo. Both the dark and light sides of the supine position are investigated here.

Julia said...

Lovely lovely lovely post!

Scott said...

that must be hunters thompson visiting henry miller on partington ridge. amazing.

Paloma said...

your post is great :) !!!

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Colorado Photos said...

Awesome post....
its well deserved! keep up the good work!!

Anonymous said...

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