in search of eustace

scottish photographer
david eustace chronicles
his 3 week road trip with
his 16 yrd old daughter

they hiked canyons,
got caught in rainstorms,
played guitar and visited
eustace, texas.

and they will forever
remember where they were
when the king of pop died.

a very moving
photo essay

ph: david eustace
and rachel eustace


grant said...

thanks for sharing

Kate said...

This is wonderful. I took short road trips with my dad as a teenager and I hold those memories near and dear to my heart. I wish I'd taken photos.

LaurenC said...

I love the photo essay. Looks like a fun trip for both daughter and father.

Anonymous said...

Wonderful. The pictures are marvellous. I now have the song in the film clip on repeat, and I am trying to contain a great desire to drive and drive and drive.

- Marina

brooke said...

when i read the first line i thought to myself..."i wonder if she means eustace, texas..."
and then, you said it!
i'm from a small about ten minutes away from eustace.
how lovely to see a piece of home when i'm so far away. thank you. :)

Jana FitzGerald said...

I'm not really that embarassed to say that this practically moved me to tears. How perfectly wonderful.

Unknown said...

Amazing...reminds me of how much I love my dad. I am crying (in a good way!). Thank you for sharing.

Null said...

I have taken so many "road" trips with my father. He raised me and my 2 sisters while my mother provided the family's income.

We'd wander, muse, chat, and be quiet together. Dads are wonderful when they see how amazing their daughters are!

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