superstudio makes my heart beat fast

I was at UC Santa Cruz
when I first heard of

santa cruz is
the best place to
learn about crazy

our mascot was
the banana slug.

we had lots of
drum circles.

and this was
not the 60's.

it was 2004

i'm proud
to say i climbed
the infamous
tree 9

my heart beat
real fast.

ps: i just
found a video of
some dude climbing
tree 9. crazy.


MB said...

agree! awesome music, and really cool covers.


MB said...

weird. one comment disappeared.. Bye Bye Bicycle is a band. cool music and they use some of theese pictures on their album covers.

nick sung said...

hahahaha///i forgot about the tree! i'm glad to still have you here.

Colorado Photos said...

wow. amazingly seamless.
Good music..Gorgeous pics..
Keep up the good work. :)