last 12 hours in berlin

one must experience
the bauhaus & corbusier collection
at the martin gropius museum, berlin

i'm sad to leave


ger said...

Hello and goodbye... I´m living in Berlin (+ visit your blog with pleasure...), but haven´t been to the Bauhaus exhibition yet...

kellyr said...

I was just in Berlin, too! Returned to NYC on Wed and so so so sad to leave. What a magical place! Loved the Bauhaus show. I biked out to the Bauhaus hardware store after learning about it through Christine Hill. I bought Bauhaus rulers, pencils and paintbrushes. Love to Berlin!!

Anonymous said...

we'll miss you,

l'appartement said...

J'étais à Berlin au mois d'aout & je retrouve grace à vous des lieux communs ,des petits carnets trouvé chez RSVP,et la superbe exposition du Bauhaus.I love Berlin too!

me melodia said...

I saw the show too.
Also very sad to leave Berlin.

zuzù said...

what a wonderful exhibition!
i took there a lot of pencils, papers, and i stamped this motto all over me, and my notebook!
i love berlin!