if you go to berlin, do boros

there's nothing better than
an old bunker filled with art

all art has been contemporary

maurizio nannucci

ps: you must reserve a tour
at least a month in advance

all images courtesy
of sammlung boros


ro said...

what an incredible, beautiful space.

boracay island Philippines said...

Oh wow! These featured arts are timeless. There must be a lot of interesting arts to look at on this gallery to book for a reservation tour. Awesome!

Christchurch Jobs said...

Its beautiful pieces of arts, it’s very dramatic. I love the concrete style of the gallery, very bold.

Marion said...

Oh yes !
there is a penthouse on top of it.
with insane pieces of art inside !

Maldito Columpio said...

Woooa... we whent to Berlin this summer, but we miss this.
looks so amazing, actually it's a great city in every sense... the only problem is they insist in speaking german...