if you don't like what you see

take it apart and
put it back together

1. michael tolmachev
2. caravaggio's narcissus
3. jean prouve

I apologize if my
brooklyn / berlin post
came out a bit arrogant.

I still hold
to my opinion.

but it has evolved

your comments
helped me think
it over again

and the door
is still open

i'm so lucky to have such
well-opinionated readers.
so passionate & intelligent.

it keeps me
on edge.

i like it!

ps: i will be back
in brooklyn 12/1
how about that!
i miss it.


Narwhal said...

Thanks for instigating. I'm sure Brooklyn will welcome you back. Some of us here are quite happy that "it's over". But what is "it"?

Berlin is great. It's the west. Go east? Far east.

sammy and glenn: pachadesign said...

glad that you are sticking around ..... your blog is almost certainly one of our favourite reads

Scott said...

both places are amazing. it's just nice that there is a urban artistic mecca that is affordable these days.

Tammy said...

Since when should an opinion on Williamsburg be so polemic? the hipster factor seems pretty obvious to most--esp. the artist community. but you don't have to be a squatter to be a painter and you can still suck on a frappuccino like the tip of a pen and be a poet. who cares? it is the art that matters.
love your thought provoking blog.

The romantic query letter and the happy-ever-after said...

I love it here. Thanks for sharing.
All the very best.

neki desu said...

for god's sake! it's your blog. you can
have any opinion you want.and people should grow a thicker skin.if they plan to live in an adult world.

Anonymous said...

this is THE MOST BEAUTIFUL website / blogg I´ve seen for a long time! I just love to drop by here, fantastic things you show us, thanks a lot ;-) Marianne from Norway living in Germany