drawing inspiration
from stealing beauty

i packed 2 dresses for the wedding.

I was thinking of
liv tyler in italy

the liberty print dress
was made by luisa herself
it falls off one shoulder.
belt it. bellissimo!

the other is a gold brocade
renaissance dress that my
mother wore in the 70's

but on the morning of the wedding,
luisa came to breakfast with a
vintage sonia rykiel dress.

what a dream.
i had to wear it.

i pulled back my
hair in Grecian form,
slipped on the dress.
the night was on!


The Browns said...

such a beautiful post...wish I knew more about the story behind the dresses and events they were worn to. I was recently in London and visited Liberty, can't wait to brainstorm what to create out of the purchased fabrics.


honeydonthink said...

A fairytale dress for a fairytale wedding!

luyi said...

love this post!!

Anonymous said...

oh.. I do love that liberty dress so.. It's exactly what i've been looking for.. *sigh* *lust*

Chelsea said...

Stealing Beauty was such a significant movie during my teen years---Im pretty sure I even watched it while in Italy....so perfect.

amanda said...

Yes. I have to say that Stealing Beauty is such an inspiring film, and you really captured the spirit. Brava!

jezebel said...

Now, my heart beats faster this morning.

LaurenC said...


sisters in black frocks said...

my favorite movie.

Jessica Repetto said...

love stealing beauty, great photos lee!

radioisfree said...

you seem to have it all but are not averse to sharing. your celebration is quiet and contemplative but no less expressive. your images and words would have me cry but i don't want your pity nor do i want to feel sorrow. i want to look at life freshly (as a child might) in a garden of verses. xo - jim

p.s. i've lost count, but you know far more than 2 or 3 things now.

luisa B said...

so great to see the Dress living more...