my favorite thing about the
castle, is that the town church
is part of the house.

inside the dining room
Lusia's mother can listen to
mass through a little window
that looks straight down
onto the altar

at breakfast one morning,
we were being especially raucous
and Luisa's mother put her finger up to her lips
and said in her lovely little voice
"shh...mass", and then chuckled.

before i left,
i asked you what book
to bring on my trip.

"arriving at each new city,
the traveler finds again a past
of his that he did not know he had:

the foreignness of what you
no longer are or no longer possess
lies in wait for you in foreign,
unpossessed places."

-excerpt from italo calvino
invisible cities

i read each page twice.


The Browns said...

i love this! the interiors and that paisley shawl on the couch....

miss milki said...

Again its so gorgeous! I love invisible cities, although I can't seem to read it right through, I just dip in and out of it. But there are some beautiful passages in it.

carrie @ bloomacious said...

haven't seen Italio Calvino quoted in a long time - so nice to see the name. what a gorgeous place too.

tammyps said...

aah, reading calvino in such a space. What could be better?

ieva jansone said...

your posts feel like being in a film! i can't believe you're expieriencing all this!!!