stay tuned.

i'll be corresponding from
campo dei fiori, rome

kinda like gregory peck.
the american journalist
in roman holiday.

I won't be looking for
any italian royalty.

i'm on a design assignment.
strange, normal and interesting objects
marble paper, books and linens too.
any tips would be lovely.

ps: your book suggestions
were inspiring and intoxicating.
you all are very well read.
might i say, cultured.


The Wanderers' Daughter said...

One of the most scintillating films ever. So simple and so quietly alluring. I do miss Rome. Hope you are enjoying.

Ella said...

Love love love Roman Holiday.

johanna said...

go for dinner at osteria dell'angelo - it's amazing. mimi sherator wrote about it in the nytimes a couple of years ago.

also, Pineider for beautiful paper.

Eric Orozco said...

I never have enough days in Rome. There is always another street I love.

Ben said...

You might try The Companion Guide to Rome -- part of an old school series of guidebooks orientated towards art/architecture and arranged in walks, typically. Their Venice guide is amazing and I imagine the Rome one would be too. Pineider is good for fancy paper in Rome.

Roberto said...

I live in Rome...is a beautiful city!! Campo dei Fiori, Pantheon, via dei Coronari, Piazza di Spagna, Piazza della Minerva (in the evening), Rione Monti, via dei Fori Imperiali, Colosseo, Trastevere, San Lorenzo etc...
Enjoy yourself!!

Anonymous said...

stop by le teste mate its a little cafe thats is campo di fiore. Walk towards the french embassy and its on the right. Sit down grab an aperitivo and enjoy. I used to work there. Man am I jealous.


Nicolette said...

Rome is a dream come true, both in terms of architecture and design. I agree. It's just such a beautiful city.


honeydonthink said...

Porta Portese flea market on Sundays in Trastevere and Pierluigi restaurant off Campo del Fiori for amazing seafood (see NY Times April 2008 article NY Times on Rome at Night).

Kate said...

There is a WODERFUL paper and art supply store called Vertecchi near Piazza di Spagna. It is on Villa della Croce, which shoots off of the Piazza toward the Corso. If you're standing on the steps facing the fountain, Via della Croce is to your right. The place is huge... it extends to 2 blocks! And it has beautiful florentine paper and stationary and all kinds of great stuff at pretty reasonable prices! I went crazy there last month.
For a good Roman evening, work your way up to Aventine Hill at sunset... nothing compares to watching the sun go down behind the city whilst sitting among the orange trees and very few tourists :)

amanda said...

just wanted to chime in about roman holiday. i saw it for the first time recently, and i think it's a perfect romance film, especially since there's no happily ever after, just the bittersweet memories.

enjoy your trip!


my poppet said...

one of my all time favorite movies, ahh! Roma how i love thee...