the power of

you can say anything

does speaking behind
a veil make you more
more truthful? or...

"there's a reason why anonymity
is so often considered cowardly.

If you put your name and your other
identifying marks to things, you are instantly
obliged to be much more civil, circumspect and fair,
or you face consequences in the real world"


as you can see
a debate took place
not long ago

scroll down
to the comments

ps: under the veil


K said...

yes I enjoyed this debate... and I wholeheartedly agree with Lindsay.

Anonymous said...

yeah, I was kind of a jerk...

sammy and glenn: pachadesign said...

I followed the debate too, it made for interesting reading. I have mixed feelings about anonymity but it depends in which situation. I think in debates it can be too easy to just say exactly what you want without facing the consequences of your words, but maybe it does mean you tell the truth more freely too.
I just did a post about Monika magazine - an anonymously produced arts journal, it's 1st issue being all about anonymity. I think it's a really interesting topic.

nikkole! said...

nah, not a jerk
i d call ya a rabble rouser

Anonymous said...

someone is misspeaking for the original 'anonymous'... I would never call myself a 'jerk' as someone did in this 8/17 post

Nels said...

while on the topic of veils and anonymity leading to a sort of freedom and at the risk of looking uncool in the eyes of people I don't know yet, this is probably the coolest thing I've seen in this magazine:


“The only thing I like is that a girl can laugh whenever she wants when her face is hidden.”

Anonymous said...

Whooaaa!! Amazing.. haven't seen this much discussion on a blog since PaintersNYC.. cool.
Funny though that it's always anonymous writers that are the most critical..
I was getting internet bullied for a while, much more personal stuff, about the way I look and so forth, really mean and dumb stuff.
I blocked the anonymus writer from my blog and you know what?
He/she/ never wrote again, probably sitting home with blue balls, just pining from me to turn it back on..

cerre said...

ps: another coal for the fire:

A blog, is pretty anonymous, so I would love to hear people's perspectives on truth & validity regarding blogs & bloggers, especially as discreet alliances are made with advertisers.

I worry that with disappearing magazines and newspapers, people will have to resort to blogs for news and information.

I would like to hear your thoughts on this...

letterpreston said...

How did society spread news and information before the invention of print? Through analogue blogs.

Ella said...

"The original 'anonymous'" - how could such a thing be? Isn't that the point of being anonymous, that there can't be an original one, 'cos it's all, you know... anonymous?

ctstyle said...

Who made the black watercolor face painting at the bottom? It's great.

The Browns said...

beautiful images

tony said...

Whether one chooses the veil of anonymity or more blazenly attaches a name, real or assumed, most of the comments on blogs are so anodyne/bland that the naming of parts is largely immaterial. It's very difficult at times to distinguish an individual voice calling the words; so much so that perhaps the idea of a community is pure fantasy & there exists in fact only a unique, universal blogger.

radioisfree said...

in college art history class i would keep to myself until the lights went out for the slide shows. i wouldn't speak until then. one young lady realized that about me, as if she understood "my truth." ashamed of my complexion, i thought i would be judged less harshly when the lights were out. it was both liberating and crippling to be discovered so shamefully..