like a turn of the century
mexican portrait

a toast to my mother!

my sister's wedding
was a serious grassroots effort!

with a little help
from our friends


nancy neil

wedding dress:
lisa & sophie vena cava
music: mattson 2 & ray barbee
dj: garrett colton & alex foulton
and matthew blitzer on guitar

styling: gina cerre
flowers: jody kennedy
roses from rose story farm
lavender from rivendell

succulent heart: helie & joe
graphics: chris weber

food: richard & ginger maxwell
local produce from "BD" Dautch
mendecino rare earth organic wine
and the strawberry short cake!
baked by robin riley

Thacher School, Ojai


Christine Rochet-Jacob said...

Congratulations on you wedding!!!
The black and white photos are beautiful and elegant.
Your post comes as great help to me as I too am getting married in a month or so, in France, and I am really looking forward now...
All the best ;0)
Christine Rochet-Jacob

wythe said...

this is beautiful. the vena cava wedding dress with the cut-outs is my dream dress...

If Jane said...

oh gorgeous!!! really!

rachel said...

Absolutely exquisite! These pictures are so beautiful, I can only imagine how wonderful everything looked in real life.

The Browns said...

beautiful wedding! check out our recent posting-similar photographers work of eastern european gypsies! yours are much cleaner and happier though :)

Anonymous said...

So beautiful!! Wish we could have been there in person and not just in spirit...
Love, t&b

wool and misc said...

so beautiful! congratulations!

nancyneil.com said...

great minds think alike;) you chose many of my faves....xxoo cant waitto see the rest of your pics...have fun sorting...i do

liza said...

Wow, this looks like it was a fabulous time. The photography is amazing and you all look so happy!

Tacklebox said...

vena cava AND ray barbee! wow!

PageOne said...

mattsons and barbee at the wedding!?! that's just not playing fair.

honeydonthink said...

Now that's a celebration! Congratulations again to all:-)

indrani said...

i love the pictures! not easy to produce that effect.