what a long strange trip...it will be.

i would stay in either
the nest or prophet room
and you?

ps: going to italy
in sept for a wedding

and then up to berlin

where I think
I might just stay
for a while.


If Jane said...

sounds fabulous!!! i would stay a bit in both...;))

Anonymous said...

Berlin dining recommendation: http://www.monsieurvuong.de/index.html

Monsieur Vuong has a giant,more then life sized photo os himself during his body building days on the wall (clothed). The noodles are wonderful.

sammy and glenn: pachadesign said...

the prophet room looks beautiful, I quite like the idea of the tower too and the bedroom in the paper boat room looks cool - a night in each would be good.

Lawendula said...

The nest bed is great!
Have a good time in Berlin, the place where I was born! If you are staying awhile, take a trip to the North, the baltic sea, it's beautiful landscape, nice people and by train it's only 12 Euro prom Berlin to Warnemünde.

benhunting said...

i second monsieur vuong. try a punk pizzeria called due forni, in prenzlauer berg. or the wholewheat waffles at kollwitzplatz market. go to the gemaeldegalerie for old masters and the hamburger bahnhof for newer stuff.