I learn so much from friends

I admire their
passion / POV

I carefully study their technique,
approach to subject matter,
visual communication

Tyler Manson,
a friend and filmmaker
has influenced my awareness
of composition and storytelling
in the film format

quiet, minimal, intimate


even for the
non-surfer, you find
yourself wanting to listen

I have learned that
like architecture, surfing
is an art and science

its about design,
proportions relative
to nature and the zen
of letting it all go to
catch the wave

1. Terry Martin
2. Dan Malloy & Dane Reynolds
3. Richard Kenvin

leonardo da vinci
vitruvian man, 1487


Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing this post. Just checked out the video and it was very cool.

LaurenC said...

Nice! I love the magazine...nice to see some video content by the same folks.

fitz said...

Wow! so cool that he is your friend. surfers journal was practically my bible for many years. I feel like surfing is most like landscape architecture, wherein after a certain point the elements of nature are beyond ones control, no matter how studied. understanding the patterns of the ocean and the ergonomics of surfboard are necessary tools, often laughed at by the force of the sea.

If Jane said...


T said...

Nicely put Fitz. And Lee.

Love how you explain a feeling, in ways I could never vocalize. Makes me think about it all again. And again. And again. Hmmm.

Thanks for posting and viewing the shorts.

R4TH said...

The Richard Kenvin film is great, i like his thoughtful delivery and attn to detail.

Anonymous said...

you should see: