less is more

you can learn so
much about design
by going to a ballet
an opera, or a play

set designers have
to work with multiple acts
on a single stage, with as
little as 1 curtain draw.

they have to do
so much with so little

thus, they
come up with
genius ideas

that play more
with lighting, material
and spatial voids than
the set itself.

they are natural


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Owlsmyles said...

Martha Graham

Love your blog!

If Jane said...

so sublime...

fitz said...

La Loie! such a fascinating creature.

i completely agree. using an extreme economy of means to create some such a rich experience is truly a talent.

lighting design is such an incredibly underrated art.

a very interesting scene, both relevant and unrelated, in coppola's new film 'tetro' which takes place at the opera- a serious performance, swathed in nothing but fabrics and space.

i think im most interested in anything that can be minimal AND theatrical, which for me, is opera.

Katherine Bowman said...

such amazing photos! inspiring

tony said...

I greatly appreciate your selection and presentation of images. Your consistency is extraordinary; so much so that there is a part of me which yearns for you to 'muddy' such aesthetic refinement & purity - if only to offer a counterpoint to the whole.

argo not said...

Oskar Schlemmer spent his time at the Bauhaus teaching dance, even though he was a painter. he went on to design sets, costumes, everything. his work is some of the greatest architecture to come out of the bauhaus.

The Wanderers' Daughter said...

I recently watched Tarsem's film The Fall, and there are a lot of similarities. I love his vision, because it harks back to so many other eras, traditions and cultures.