les demoiselles de hamilton

david hamilton is/was
a controversial figure in
the photography world

appropriate or not

I find his approach to
be very classical
respectful too

scans from the
1973 book

although today's
younger generation
of fashion photographer's
seem to be following in
his footsteps w/o
much dissent

times have changed,
but back in the 90's:

" a distinction must be
made between eroticism
and pornography; the media
have blurred the disparity to
an unforgivable degree..."

david hamilton
A distinction must be


Kylie said...

I think they're divine photos. I love that glimpse of bikini tan in the first one ;) K

Above the City said...

Sorry to have forgotten about your lovely part of the web. Glad I came across it again.

Amazing stuff and words as always.

The Wanderers' Daughter said...

I always liked his style myself, though I understand where the controversy came from (isn't there always a bitter argument over the line between art and fashion, as well as the line between art and pornography?). Like it or not, Hamilton's imagery is an integral part of the '70s, and one (or at least I) cannot remember the '70s without thinking of these images. It is interesting, as you mention, that his style and look is emulated shamelessly now.

If Jane said...

wonderful photos...ahhhhh the light!!! and great quote!!!!!

missb@dragonflyvintage said...

i adore the work of david hamilton...i find it so inspirational, the softness and warm light and gentle scenes...so lovely...thanks for sharing this link

Make it Easy said...


louise de Lima said...

Nostalgic, romantic, gentle.
I love the little bikini tan mark in the top picture. Now that was a time when we didn't feel guilty sunbathing!
Love the hair, the clothes, the misty light. It's all gorgeous really. Seems so innocent now, doesn't it?

Bobby Whigham said...

great taste! You have some amazing stuff going on here

emel said...

God. I have been trying to find his photos online just to drool over them. But I remember his site/work being locked...passwords and all that.
So thank you very much! for sharing these.
you guys have a wonderful blog, inspiring posts as always.
all the best xxx

The Browns said...

love these! the girls with the horses in the field kinda of remind me of karl's fall 09 ads he shot in VT. similar hair styles, setting etc. love your blog.