chicago's transit authority
installed curtains to protect
pedestrians from paint that
was being grinded away

Chicago behind the curtain: II by spudart.


rikkicondon.etsy.com said...

fabulous photos..love the texture/drape/atmospheric thing

Jeremiah said...

Those images are amazing!

If Jane said...

sublime!!!!!!!!!! thank you!!!

LaurenC said...

wow. Who knew cloth could look so dramatic!

rafe/lindsay said...

Those are some beautiful shots! Its crazy, because I live on that street (Wabash). So I had never thought of that project as beautiful. It was ugly, smelly, and still dusty. What a great way to change my viewpoint, and that's one of the reasons I love your blog.

designani said...

Lovely blog
Inspired me all the more as an artist and a fashion addict

Kiss from Melbourne

cerre said...


I'm so glad you shared this perspective. It's amazing how easily photography can distort reality.

art can be so dangerous, perhaps dishonest, as it can make anything seem beautiful. what power, what propaganda!


M said...

in a similar vein, i've always loved david lachapelle's "my house":


Aladdin's Cave keepster said...

Wow! Lovely and very art deco...looks like the city is in mourning...esp. because the pic's are in black and white. By the wa6y: love your blog! Keep up the good spirit!

Spudart said...

Hi. I'm the photographer for these photos, and I'm so pleased that Cerre posted my photos here. The comments are just so wonderful. Thank you. :-)

It was really interesting shooting these drapes. They do have a great weight in person. It's like seeing big huge giants hanging from the steel structures. I'm glad this sort of feeling is conveyed in the photos. It's the feeling I got when I saw them in person.