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Cookbook  by Loraine@grijs.

Cookbook  by Loraine@grijs.

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which cookbook
of yours is the dirtiest?
...the best.


Anonymous said...

Without a doubt THE BEST cook book is Nigel Slater's 'Kitchen Diaries'. I refer to it time and time again. Its very battered very loved
PS. Lovely blog

sammy and glenn: pachadesign said...

we use the Moro cookbooks quite a lot – beautiful rustic real food – and, so far, all the recipes we have tried have been good.

they have beautiful photography too, especially Moro East. It follows the life of the East End allotments that Moro restaurant owners Sam & Sam Clark had a plot on – the book is a collection of recipes from them and the friends that they made their, so a real diverse mix from Spain and the Muslim Mediterranean.

Unfortunately the allotments were bulldozed in 2007 – 80 plots that provided food for over 150 families and had been used as allotments in this part of London for 100 years – to make way for a path that will be used for 4 weeks only durning the 2012 Olympics. And what is really sad is that there were alternatives that meant the allotments could have stayed.

you know, maybe I’ll do a post about this to show you some of the images of the allotments and Moro’s food. I’ll let you know when I do.

p.s. sorry if I ended up sending this comment twice.

love_again said...

Delicious. My two housemates are chefs, so I tend to shy away from cooking, but I sure love to look at/drool over the food photography in cook books. Love this blog, btw!

Red Shoes said...

For me, it's Land of Plenty: A Treasury of Authentic Sichuan Cooking by Fuschia Dunlop.

Anonymous said...

ny times cookbook and larousse gastronomique (more like an encyclopedia all things consumed)

Rachel Wood Massey said...

don't miss


by sonja lee


makes my head hurt.

Jenny said...

The recipe cards I copied from my mom's and grandma's when I moved out.

Kate said...

I love food & wine's best of the best cookbooks. they do all the work of finding the best recipes from the best cookbooks of that year. I have a few and I love the variety inside.

cerre said...

ps: someone recently told me to check out gwyneth paltrow's blog GOOP. It's actually quite interesting. She has some good recipes.


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Le Bouton said...

i love paula wolfert, and all of her books are true gems. the recipes are inspiring, and her knowledge/obsession with how cultures cook is elevating.
having said that, the book i turn to again, and again (sometimes just to read) is Susan H. Loomis's French Farmhouse Cooking. it is Excellent.

K said...

I'm a huge fan of the Zuni cookbook. Most people I'm sure feel its over written but because I didn't learn to cook from my fam, I find it quite helpful.

read me... said...

Nigel Slater's Real Food, and funny enough I saw him twice today!! I have Living & Eating too and have made many delicious dishes from it!

malo said...

When it comes to food I am not minimal(if ever). I love Swedish Mathias Dahlgren http://www.mathiasdahlgren.com/
and Turkish Özcan Ozan.
I use their recipes often.

shannon said...

All of Tessa Kiros's cookbooks are killer. The names can be silly, but the food is fantastic.

Lucille Buell said...

Lora Zarubin - I am Almost Always Hungry
Dirty Dirty Delicious Cookbook