we're cooking frijoles
and fried bananas tonight

it's sunset
and i'm sleepy
from the sun.

at this very moment a
jack rabbit is hopping
by the front porch.
the ocean waves
are roaring.

last night we
listened to obama's
state of the union outside
on the bbc radio. it was kind
of nice to feel so far away
from all that mess.

i feel hopeful though.

photos: artist,
charles stewart's
home, in town


C. Lynn said...

just beautiful, Lee xx

The Wanderers' Daughter said...

Wonderful, quiet photos.

Miranda said...

I love the pictures. What a beautiful atmosphere.

Henry said...

Ummmm, what's a frijoles?
I know fried bananas though! Good choice they are my all time favourite!
Love Henry

Henry said...

Ummmm, what's a frijoles? They sound good.
I know about the fried bananas though! Good choice! They are my all time favourite.
Love Henry

Nazara said...

lovely, really nice photos.

Anonymous said...

frijoles are beans and the bananas i'm guessing plantians tasty with sour cream

etrine said...

nice. I want that quiver of arrows!!!

Le Bouton said...

seeing the images of your environment is like a vacation for us all. thank you!

Anonymous said...

i love all of this...

Rynke said...

Lovely post :)

Anonymous said...

A.Edwards coming for dinner tonight! I know that she will relate to this post! It looks soo beautiful..can't wait to see it all.


Marie-Eve said...

Yes, I like fried banana. And I also feel far away from all the economic troubles. I try to keep being conscious of al this though...

I am enjoying your blog, each day. Thank you.

me melodia said...


Anonymous said...

Yumm...I love fried bananas.

Welcome said...

the kitchen looks great, I love. I'm working on creating country kitchen too but for the city.