we lived on a tiny island in the banda sea


my father was
doing a documentary
and he brought us along

i wore a sarong
and we'd hike
through the

i was the local odd
one with the white
irish skin and

we are citizens
of the island because
my father climbed the active
volcano in a race and won.


The Wanderers' Daughter said...

What a story! Do tell more!
That last photo is beautiful.

karina Manghi said...

Everybody dreams of living on an island for some time

Mila said...

What a gorgeous post! <3
I absolutely love the fabrics on the first photo, where are they from?

Love and dream ;)


LaurenC said...

thanks for bringing back the memories, Lee. Your sis, La.

LaurenC said...

thanks for bringing back the memories,Lee. Xo, La

my other room said...

beautiful story and pictures, reminds me of how family-work- life could be as well.
i have been visiting often but never commented, your blog is really special, so thoughtful chosen and written, thank you

Nora said...

A volcano! It sounds like a fairy tale.

I love your blog, by the way.

Manue said...


Looking at you 2 brings back so many loving memories ...I do remember your freckles....this is so moving...
Love this blog...
You are such a gifted artist,
Much Love,

Le Club said...

What a nice story :) Thanks for telling!

Anonymous said...

Mike carried you on his shoulders as we hiked through the steaming hot jungle until you saw a young girl carrying a load of wood on her back. You insisted to be put down and you always walked on your own after that.

sisters in black frocks said...

seriously cool. i love your blog, its like a beautiful artpiece

copperseal said...

such lovely words and pictures. please dont stop :)

me melodia said...


Bridget said...

On the days when I sit at work staring at autocad for too long I love to browse the inspiring images and words on your blog, and I found this post particularly touching. I, too, was the odd child with the irish eyes and freckles when I was little. Thanks for sharing a little window into your world.

alaya said...

it's in indonesia, right?
i've never been there...