from mozart

"well, there it is"

my go-to line
from amadeus

my roommates
and i watched this
movie over and over
in our tiny 5 floor
apt on mulberry
street, nyc

ps: do you see
the exacto knife
on the mantel?


Anonymous said...

mulberry st.?? I'm the odd guy out, in BK of our faction now. good grief.

C. Lynn said...

How fun!! Are you in the city? Come visit me more often!

Michael said...

5 floors doesn't seem so tiny.


alida said...

that is so totally my favorite quote from the movie as well.

L said...

i've been a lurker for a while now--it's your little mozart that brought me out of the corner. i've seen the movie many times as well; nice to listen to fellow-travellers. my favorite line: "what was god up to?"