whatever happened to the God's Eye?

God's Eyes

the symbolic power
of seeing and understanding
the unknown and unknowable.

I use to make these all the time.
Just popsicle sticks & yarn.
They were hanging in
Built by Wendy


Jessica said...

I use tro make those all the time in girl scouts, thanks for reminding me. How was L.A?

Anonymous said...

oh i didn't didn't know they were called "god's eyes"?? yeah but you have now taken me back to grade 2. :)

Anonymous said...

Summer camp arts and crafts!

Liz said...

niice... taking us back to the day

J e s s i c a said...

whoah those are beautiful !

Anonymous said...

I used to love making god's eyes in pretty bright colours. Its funny how certain things in our lives are relegated to only a certain age. I'm about to pull out my popsicle sticks and yarn and make some eyes.

stacy said...

It's been a while, but I remember making these.

queenie said...

Whoosh! A wave of nostalgia just hit me.