david byrne

last weekend
my friend V and i went to see
mr. byrne's organ play the building

I got a kick at how many young people
were waiting in line, all fashionable and all.
acid wash jeans, painter suits, fedoras and plaid.
and then, byrne and lou reed walked right out the door.
...and no one seemed to notice.

ps: I wasn't too enthralled
by the the organ sounds, but
I did enjoy the idea of going
to see just 1 thing.

i like 1 piece shows.


Erica said...

When David Byrne played in SF a few years ago, same thing. Walked right past the fans with his backpack on, unnoticed and rather relaxed.

inkysocks said...

beautiful photos

Anonymous said...

I love the first photo. amazing perspective.

AVA said...

looks promising,

I item shows are always better, no split of attention neccessary

Michael said...

oh, the photo with the peeking toes.