Lee Miller

Life photographer,
David E. Scherman captures
Man Ray's muse in her full persona:

model / war correspondent

after weeks in the trenches
Miller stumbles upon one of
Hitler's secret apartments,
slips off her muddy boots

and takes a bath.



Snobber said...

one of my favorite photographs of all time.

LaurenC said...

I just saw a documentary about Lee Miller. She was such a modern beauty and so progressive.

kee said...

great shot & story with it!

Joanna Goddard said...

WOW. that's an amazing story behind that shot. on first glance, i thought it was just a lovely shot of a woman in her own bath. wow.

Famapa said...

have you read the book? wow, what a life she had! and so talented... my brother-in-law nearly bought one of the houses she lived in here in London, it would have been so weird to hang out in her old home!