Erwin E. Smith

...thinking about buffalo in wyoming,
the smell of leather saddles, roping gloves
greasy griddles, and my beat-up jeans
from long pack trips in the
wind river range.

top & bottom: Erwin E. Smith
middle: Martin Margiela

ps: this whole 'denim hunter'
concept is kind of ironic.


kimberlee & Lies said...

Those photo's 'capture the wild' eh. I loved the Wallpaper post, I would, as I grew up in a de stijl house. I recently saw the Lee Miller war collection, it really was devastating, and yes that bath picture stands out in all the destruction...

Le Bouton said...

makes me want to watch White Mane a million more times.

Carolina Eclectic said...

Love these! They remind me of my hometown.

molly said...

makes me wanna go back to butte and ride again...those photos are fantastic.