my father's friends just started
this fantastic quarterly magazine.
naturally, they tweaked its
finer details in Danang...
during monsoon

so good.

in an age of crappy 24/7
news media and sensational
reportage, dispatches celebrates
the elegance of journalism and
the best of print & photo,
...in the rare essay form.

2 of the 5

Gary Knight
photojournalist in
Southeast Asia, Sarajevo,
Kashmir, Afghanistan....Iraq
documenting crimes
against humanity.

Mort Rosenblum
former editor of National
Herald Tribune and directed
AP bureaus in Congo, Nigeria
South East Asia and Argentina.
A very good editor.


...and I'm reminded
of one very cool lady from
this great circle of friends.

Alexandra Boulat


molly said...

beautiful and haunting photos, i look forward to reading more...

nativekee said...

great link.... and they sound like they are leading exciting & interesting lives!

Anonymous said...

Very nice post. I read a list of blogs almost every morning. Yours always tops my list. It is beginning to be a ritual with my morning coffee. Thank you so much for the wonderful posts and the peek at another life.

Anonymous said...

Oh, Alexandra, we miss you...