theo jansen
has a mission.

For 10 years he has been creating a
new life form; creatures powered by the wind.
Mr. Janesen plans to create a herds that can
roam the land and live their own lives.

via: Alan Paukman
a former arch studio classmate
and designer behind Nikolai Rose

more creatures here

ps: I bet he is a burning man regular.


Anonymous said...

Oh my god! this is the most surreal and beautiful thing! i want to be there when he sets them free! thank you so much for this post! made my day...Lynnda

ola said...

again something astonishing what makes me try to imagine the talent and phantasy of a person; wow

lovely textiles said...

what a gorgeous gal you are for posting this. how beautiful and inspiring. like sketches coming to life.. wonderfully eccentric whilst they also make total sense. thanks

Angélique said...

This is so very beautiful. What a great artist, wonderful and yes,inspiring!

Angélique said...

Hi There, me again. I just want you to know that I was so blown away by this art, I had to post about Theo on my blog.
Thanks for the great inspiration.

Jet Lag said...

that so amazing!!!
I'm really impressed by sky's colour,a little bit terrifing ^^