after work,
(not intent on buying)
I saw this pillow case on sale
70% of $48.95 = $14 or something

not quite sure how I feel
about it on my bed. The pattern
has so much potential, but I would
like to keep my bed all white.


kat said...

I love Muji, but living in (South) Africa I'm not mad about animal prints (too touristy). I'm trying to keep my bedroom all white: it's hard. Great blog.

Anonymous said...

great fabric..I also love a white bed. live with a couple of days see how you feel then...xxooLynnda

Michael said...

i like the contrast of the black on white, but i think if you've got your heart set on an all white bed, you should keep it that way.

also, i think you may need a bigger pillow insert.


bugheart said...

maybe on
the sofa?
i like
the pattern.

Anonymous said...

i love muji!!!!....got this nifty bag from them...whilst in paris...