maybe you have noticed...

I'm drawn to a sober, paired down look
YSL draping of pants with a strong blazer
2 or 3 finely-tuned details, over ornamentation
navy, grey, off white, wood buttons
dark rinse jeans and
1 great belt.

Ok Los Angeles

maybe its the war,
maybe its the economy,
but I'm starting to miss my
catholic school uniform.


At 23, I can afford just
1, 2 or 3 real nice things.
and that's good with me.

My mother has always told me:
if you have 3 classic, well-designed pieces,
you can reuse + recycle them for years.
quality (over quantity) is chic.

these days,
I will keep it
minimal. try to
consume less.

...is more.

in the end,
all one needs
is a jumpsuit.


Anonymous said...

oh thanks for Jackson...and I so agree with your post (and your mum!)

Anonymous said...

Listen to yo mama! She ain't no Lindsay! Also thanks for reminding me about Pollock...headed into the studio right now! xxooLynnda

Anonymous said...

i like the structure of your posts and how well you build in the title of your blog, all comes together when staying true with your attitude, complete image appears...and i am always struck by the fact that you are just 23, a really interesting diversity of cultural pieces you present_a constant reader

Beetlejuice said...

Check the movie "The New York School",it has that clip of JP and others.great b.!

polaris said...

glad to come here!
Thanks for sharing!


L.Cerre said...

Thank you so much for your thoughtful comments. I read them to heart. You all brighten my day...everyday.