Vogue Italia
February 2008

The thematic composition of
this Steven Meisel spread
is quite compelling.

I'm inspired by all
the colors, patterns + textures.
The statuesque Karlie Kloss with 2 hens.And the exquisite pairing of Prada stockings
with Sicilian peasant/ Amish frocks.

Not so long ago I was working on a book
where we sent a photographer to
capture a rural family living
biblically, "off the grid"
in Smithfield, Illinois.

He shot some of
the most hauntingly beautiful
photographs I have ever seen:
3 young boys ages 4, 9, and 11
in overalls chopping wood.
(The 4 yr old was ripped)

But I was most taken
by his photograph of the
sole daughter, beautiful;
probably 15 or so,
motherless, and
her family's
clothing in
a basin.

It was ethereal.
It was the real thing.

This American Life


LaurenC said...

With the economy the way it is, we might all be going country in our style!

Jessica said...

I love these pictures- the clothes are stunning.

lovely textiles said...

Love the dreamy quality, the colours on the cover, the textures, layers... and that beautiful collar in the top image. Thanks - another lovely article.

gracia said...

Such beautiful photographs... those colours, thoses textiles, their expressions... just beautiful.

Anonymous said...

A deja vu moment..remember the little girl in linen overalls, checked shirt with rick rack edges holding the chicken on Quebrada in San Miguel de Allende? Was that not you, Lee at 10 years old? GC

marie said...

oh i loved this shoot too!
all the patterns and the countryside (and the bonnets too!)..beautiful

Carolina Eclectic said...

Very beautiful. It doesn't hardly seem like a fashion shoot.

Joanna Goddard said...

very very cool!

Lyn Spataro said...

i absolutely love this! i need to find a copy.