our mantels

1. my radiator/mantel
2. La's old apt on 16th & Guerrero
3. some apothecary & maps here

I'm from San Franooklyn

east or west
I'm always listening to:

mattson 2
little wings

..and finding happiness
over here and here


pia said...

love this.

thealteredpage said...

What inspiring collections.

MOLLUSK said...

thanks for support!!
we love your blog....

Joanna Goddard said...

your home is amazing! i love that last photo, feels like you're at the sea....xoxo

meat-n-potatoes said...

Do you have any recordings of Mattson 2?
They are amazing, but I cannot find anything on CD.

anne said...

love your mantles. gorgeous decor.

cruststation said...

How fascinating, I love the display of apothecary.