Superga Torina shoes
"we have Converse...Italians have Superga"

I wore out my mom's pair
and have been searching
for a new pair since.

And then, last Sunday,
Superga was celebrated in the
NYtimes magazine: Men's fashion.
for their "lo-fi Mediterranean cool"
What a description!

Designer: Diego Ficili.
Cost: too much now!!


Henry said...

Those are nice shoes. Why are they so expensive? I hope to be getting out of the house and in to the office. I remember such a thing as fresh air.

anne said...

these where the hype here in the mid/end nineties. don't know why people got tired of them, probably because of too many of them around. they are a classic though...

alaing said...

They are really coming back strong to the US.
Check out all the different styles and colors at
www.Superga.com. They have Men's, Women's and kids sizes available.

alaing said...

Ooops! Checked the spelling on the website for Superga.
It's www.Superga-USA.com.

cerre said...

How funny I bought my first pair of Superga's in 96 they are long gone, but I still have my Stan Smiths...not the same.

marta said...

i love this post! i grew up on those shoes.. they've just recently, 2 years ago, became 'in fashion' again!!!
.. i'm from TORINO!!
Forza Italia..