I went to see
speak last week.

A former boxer,
an untrained architect;
my kind of man.


ANDO is such a prankster


So Ando has this
signature misfit behavior.
borderline, Ayn Rand

After hearing him speak, I
was further taken by his hilarious
self-depreciating 'matter-of=fact' mannerism.
He made fun of his buildings, his clients
and advocated for the "anti-luxury" of space.
...steep ladders, reinforced concrete,
courtyards separating rooms,
and other architectural
challenges, "keeps
the mind young,"
he said."

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2 or 3 reasons why ANDO is cool...

1. He is hilarious. I've really never laughed so hard
at a lecture before...and we all know how boring lectures can be.
2. Ando's style is simple, green & elemental: light, water, air.
3. Ando does not compromise. He is faithful to his dreams.
And you can tell that he rarely sucks up to his clients.
Like an old-style modernist, he knows his
architecture...and does what he wants.
lately, I've been missing
that kind of architect.


janine de waal said...

Agghhh - I am so so soooooo jealous!!!! It really sounds awesome!!! You are very lucky to have such an amazing opportunity!

Anonymous said...

lee, just home from london. thought of you often when i saw some simple statement of visual balance. love this entry, this is the kind of living space that calms me down. and so sorry about the wingtips! maybe third time will be a charm! xxooLynnda

cally said...

My friend told me you'd done this post because I had shown some of his work on my white architecture posts last month. I'm so glad she sent me here, your blog is lovely, so much I'd forgotten but, even more that I've never seen at all. It's been a pleasure to drop by.

nataJane said...

I love those buildings! Clean and sleek is the way to go...