So I found the infamous
Sartorialist wingtip spectators.
I watched + waited for 5 long days
and then, in the remaining 45 secs
I was outbid.

I'll be ok though.
I recently scored a pair
of vintage pixie gran boots...
patti smith style, I wear
them with skinnies
loosely tucked in;


Jessica said...

loving those shoes on top..very envious of their owner right now.


Anonymous said...


wingtips are my favorites. Google Paul Smith. I have several pairs of his "men only" collection for women wingtips. At the end of the season you can usually find them for half price. Go into the store in NYC or LA and have them call you when they get them in.

Snobber said...

you know what? i like yours better.

xola loves... said...

i think we're looking at the same things on ebay... i found a pair of luggage colour wingtips from the 40's in mint condition at the cobbler. an older man left them there and didn't return for them. sadly, they were 2 sizes too big. i bought them anyway and passed them on to a friend.

marie said...

ooh very nice..sad about the others
sorry i havn't commented for so long..for some reason the internet disconnects when im trying to load your (and a few others) page! its getting really annoying! but nice to see your posts over the past week just the same!

Joanna Goddard said...

love those shoes!! yours are so pretty, you still scored!

bugheart said...

i agree.
i like your

michelle said...

Oh that is such a bummer! I like yours too though.

susan said...

wow, i am still wearing these boots! i live in so. cal and need boots rarely so dig them out of the closet for trips to SF, chicago, ny etc. who knew they've become hip again. thanks for the photo share and smile.