1. The bedroom
2. John Entenza
3. T + L's print

~a small collection~


simple slider said...

I gave that print to Ty and La. The print is from a series created by the French Illustrator Raymond Penyet. His characters "Les Amoureaux"..or.."the lovers" were made popular in the the post WWII era in France. You can find some of his out of print books these days online. Two titles I know of are "the lovers bedside book" and "the lovers weekend book". Each is just a little book of illustrations depicting the pair in cute romantic type scenes.

annie said...

i love the painted white brick with the wood walls. wood walls in a bedroom are so cozy.

ola said...

brown and embosoming

Anonymous said...

my father gave my mother the "les Amoureaux" book as a wedding present. Wow, i had totally forgotten how enthralled i was by that growing up.