House of Sand

A film by
Andrucha Waddington

1910 Maranhao, Brazil
Pregnant Aurea and her aging mother
are abandoned in the desert where endless sand
consumes and desecrates all signs of life.
This film is spectacular and quite a challenge to watch.
Everyone moment is desperate.

We watch Aurea
(ironically in beautifully tattered Victorian garments)
as she searches for food, water and attempts to build
a home that is constantly filling with sand.

I paired these visuals with interior photos from poesie et verite
who traveled to Namibia and took some incredible photographs
of an African ghost town

...filled with sand


Anonymous said...

Thank you! This is one of my favorite movies. I loved the fact that Seu Jorge also stars in this movie. Incredible photography.


paula said...

this reminds me of the concept of the book "the woman in the dunes" by kobo abe. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Woman_in_the_Dunes

kat said...

I've visited the location, Kolmanskop,in Namibia - quite and eerie place. I must look out for this film.