Domino Sugar Refinery
Williamsburg, Brooklyn

After years of battling the forces of real-estate
NYC Landmarks Preservation Commission voted unanimously
September 25 , to declare the sugar refinery a landmark. Hurray!
This is all great, but I just found out that the large sign & building
facing the East river, is not part of the designation report
and will subsequently be removed.
But to many of us...



~Domino Sugar~
has to be one of the most beautiful & iconic
company signs of all time--a typographer's classic.
At night, when I stare through the J subway window
I'm further mesmerized by Domino's latest bout with lettering.
Sprawled across the plant's southern side
a giant red neon sign reads. No, screams:

Without the sign, Domino will be just like any other factory.
The lingering architecture is worth preserving, but I would say that
NYC knows Domino first & foremost by the lettering on its walls...
The trademark sign has carried more than just a brand,
but a history of what industry once was in America.
This will be a great historical loss for the people.
A visible void in our daily commute.

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Janet said...

Oh, it always seems we win one battle, only to lose another. This is a great post. I hope the sign can be saved.