Weekend withdrawal

spring, summer, fall, winter...and spring
Korean filmmaker, KIM ki-duk
A tiny Buddhist monastery floats in the middle of a lake
we follow a young monk through the seasons
moving through innocence, love and evil, to Enlightenment and finally Rebirth

one of the most beautiful films I've seen
I especially love the simple ritual of going through the
freestanding gate to enter the lake
and then row, ever so elegantly,
to the floating monastery


honeydonthink said...

one of my favorite films too - the young monk's life following the four seasons and the fact that he's a monk, but he's a man too!

makes you want to get on the next plane and go!

Jessica said...

This is a movie I could watch again and again. First time I saw it was in Ghana, a stark contrast.

jen said...

one of my favorites as well.. just stunning.