Get to know your neighbors.

I'd like to introduce you to my Sausalito neighbor, Jennifer.
Although I live mostly in Brooklyn these days,
Sausalito really feels more like home to me.
I'm always inspired by the funky houseboats,
morning fog horns, poets, barking seals,
and the extraordinary beauty of Ft. Chronkite beach.
I'm also inspired by my own neighbors-->Jen is one local who has a fantastic home.
Jen has kindly allowed us to take a peak into her
highly eclectic and global homestead.

A note from Jen:

"the Taj Majal houseboat is very special to me as I set out on my
first trip to India 12/27/07 - I read a lot of Indian writers and love
the colors and textures mixed with mid-century and
a little French flea market thrown in.
I work for an insurance company as an account executive by day and
write short stories and nest by night. favorite book is probably master
& margarita by bulgakov and favorite movie is probably wings of desire
by wim wenders. music is my drug of choice - listening to twilight
sisters and the veils a lot lately"


Carlene said...

Love this! Thanks, both of you.

Anonymous said...


jen said...

What a lovely, lovely home... We visited Sausolito a few years ago and my husband and I both fell in love with the area. Just beautiful, and the people are so nice..

Jon said...

During a design charette with IDEO San Francisco, we drove up to Salusalito for dinner one night. We ate at some place on the end of a pier and looked back across to the city... wow. I keep wanting to get back...

Corinne said...

Fabulous! I've known Jennifer for many years, and it's nice to see her apartment captured on your blog. I have always admired her incredible use of color, ability to find quirky decorating items and attention to design details.

Bibbi said...

Lovely place and nice neighbor you seem to have. Did you read A river Sutra by Gita Metha? My favourite along with The impressionist by Hari Kunzru, British, the plot is mainly in India.

michelle said...

what a great home! so light and so pretty, but not too girly, nice nice nice. EVERYONE has been telling me to come check out your blog, very glad I did.

L.Cerre said...

thanks everyone for your nice comments.