Bruce Bickford

surreal, one-of-a-kind, claymation master
a living legend of his own fading trade.
For over 40 years, Bickford has created the most elaborate stories
in the basement of his Seattle home.
This ain't no Gumbi
Bickford sculpts clay like Frank Zappa composed music:
irrelevant, unconventional, fantastic, absurd

Watch "Monster Road"
and you can see Bickford hard at work
creating, assembling, modifying
over 100 clay pieces for each and every frame.
This is craft at its best.

Bickford achieved cult status with Zappa's film Baby Snakes (1979)

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honeydonthink said...

thanks for the bit on an american original - i watched the trailor from your link and hope i can see the entire documentary sometime! i also listened to part of an npr interview he did in 2004 when the film was doing the film festival circuit and loved it too.