Simply Wood Rings

An appropriate name, for exactly what they are:
simple rings

I love how the designer puts it:

"Much of the lumber used is sourced from other crafts people. Lumber such as that from the elegant neck of a violin that had its beginnings filling orchestra halls with sounds that soothed the human soul, or the wood from the baseball bat of a mothers' young son. All the material used to make these rings had a previous noble life before their transformation to a new life of beauty. I handcraft every ring to bring out the warmth and honesty of the wood. I endeavor to maintain the original spirit of any wood that offers itself to evolve into something new such as a wedding ring, anniversary ring or just simply a celebration of the nature of the ring."

Ansel Adams

I'm very modest when it comes to jewelry
the only ring I wear and have ever worn
is one I received while living on a ranch in Kelly, Wyoming
The teton mountain range is hand carved across the band
and meets in the back as one
infinite line
beautiful, austere
it's a story in itself


Leigh said...

I love these rings and your post paired with the Ansel Adams photo and story of the only ring.

LauraB said...

i love those rings too. I wonder how a wood engagement ring would hold up, but I saw that (on oh joy possibly?) and thought it was so unique.

LCerre said...

I wish I could remember which blog I first saw these rings. I really want to credit them. Maybe it was Oh Joy...?

LaurenC said...

i love these. I don' really like rings, but I could go for one of these.

Jessica said...

Don't submerse it in water for extended periods, wear it (or rub it with oil), and it should last for a long while. Admittedly, these rings would *eventually* disintegrate, but they should last a very, very long time.

Anonymous said...

teton valley ranch, huh.