[a ervilha cor de rosa]

Rosa Pomar de Lisbon
photographer & baby-sling maker
One of the most inspiring blogs I've stumbled upon
the thoughtful eclecticism & art direction reminds me of
pedro almodovar
todo sobre mi madre

Volver - Pedro Almodovar

una mezcla rica de:
wallpapers, textures, graphics, patterns and weaves
vibrant african prints and bright florals
it so lovely to see Rosa's own children
bundled up in her worldly tapestries
I can almost hear Césaria Evora
singing in the background

{this is pure happiness}


Heather Moore said...

I agree - beautiful. So richly dense with colour.

Leigh said...

Wow, yeah, beautiful pictures. Wish I spoke Portuguese (it is Portuguese?), but the pictures alone hold my attention.