David Creedon
much like Robert Polidori's
abandoned Chernobyl classrooms and crumbling Cuban interiors,
Creedon captures the lingering mood of departure
in Ireland's rural areas within his hauntingly beautiful photo essay:
"Ghosts of the Faithful Departed"


LauraB said...

Those are really amazing.

Leigh said...

Yes, wow, hauntingly beautiful as you said.

Anne said...

Such sorrowful beautiful pictures. Gorgeous colors.

LaurenC said...

lee, this looks just like my footage from Russia. I'll get you screen grabs.

honeydonthink said...

These remind me of Todd Hido's "House Hunting" monograph shot several years ago in the backstreets and crumbling interiors of U.S. cities where you never see a person (even if you see the blue light of a television glowing on the wall next door or a purple velvet chair holding closed a hotel room door where a stained mattress lies abandoned) - someone once dubbed it "urban pornography".

she planted a tree said...

i strangely find this beautiful.