The Red Capital Club

I hope this spread isn't too noisy (unfortunately, I think it is!)...it's just that The Red Capital Club & Residence in Beijing is so very red! The illustrious interior spaces are so rich and vibrant with deco furniture, memorabilia and antique books, that it's nearly impossible to convey the retro sophistication of this exclusive residence in Beijing. (click on photos for greater detail)

Now a very petite-boutique hotel, The Red Capital Club used to be an elite private courtyard residence following the communist victory in 1949. Recommended by a friend, one can stay in one of six rooms all styled and named after prominent intellectuals like Mao Zedong, Han Suyin and Edgar Snow + 2 concubine suites. It's like traveling back into time because all the bedrooms are dressed in silk, with beautiful old writer's desks, stately antiques and piles of old books everywhere. Not to mention, most of the items and furniture belonged to Zhou Enlai, China's former Communist Party leader (1949-1976). I particularly enjoyed the secret underground bar...the stone ceiling lined with guerrilla mesh and a decor of old stools, dim lanterns, radios and bottles made it an extraordinary venue to watch old Chinese films.

I wish I could have taken one of these velvet Deco chairs home

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Carlene said...

This is seriously amazing. It looks like a movie set.