DDR "communist-chic"

::Via designboom::

Digging this DDR pre-Goodbye Lenin-style nostalgia fest of:
retro plastics, wall fabric, linoleum-lovin' East German consumer design

It's weird digging "communist chic"
there was really nothing chic about communist Germany
It's interesting how time can sedate history
...history becomes art
(everything thing a bit lost in translation)


::Via Dezeen::

...trabant cars & pastel kitchens are rad...

"Ostel, a new budget hotel in Berlin, (photos above) celebrates Communist retro chic.
Rooms are furnished with Communist-era pieces rescued from
private houses and second hand shops,
and have nostalgic names such as:
Stasi Suite and Pioneer Camp." - Dezeen

(hmmmm...still a little uncanny)


Jon said...

Wow... there is some pretty heavy logic behind this stuff. For better or worse it still seems to stand on it's own. The thing about plastic that still scares me somwhat is that it is a derivative of petroleum (right?)... and I hope that someday they don't conclude that it really isn't all the healthy... yikes !

Anonymous said...

lcerre--I hope I've stumbled upon an old friend's blog! I used to babysit you and your sis and be your "buddy" back when we took the #7 bus to school. But I won't post your life history as to keep your privacy. Have always admired your family's sense of life and style. Hope all is well with you and that your adventures continue.
much love, Kerri from Saus.
p.s. I'll be in NYC in Setp/Oct--perhaps we can have a drink and catch up?

thesilverapples said...

Cool post. Amazing what some have managed to do with the interiors of those DDR "Plattenbau."