WW11 army canvas

If anyone is going to Paris,
can you pick me up a pair of Bensimons?
my all-time favorite tennis shoe


Leigh said...

These are great. We're supposed to go there in the spring. If it works out and we go, I'll get you some! What size / color do you want? I'll put it in my Paris notes so I don't forget.

amy said...


they sell them here: i don't know if they ship to the US but you could inquire...

Anonymous said...

HI! If in the US, you can buy them at many stores. The Bensimon Girls is a blog dedicated to La tennis Bensimon. check out www.thebensimongirls.blogspot.com for more information. or email asupremeagent@gmail.com The have a store list.

Lau said...

I'm sorry they're sold out everywhere
I've been looking for them for a while :'(