Beijing beds: Inside + Out

Check out the amazing blankets in the 2nd to last photo above...In observing the brightly colored floral graphics don't you think they may have traveled from Uzbekistan? However, I do know for sure that these cots and blankets belong to some of the thousands of immigrant construction workers that are flocking to Beijing for work these days. There is not enough housing in Beijing to meet the new demand, so its typical to see military tents pitched in the courtyards of temples or along construction sites to house all the young men. The implications this mass migration will have on the urban environment in terms of pollution, poverty, overcrowding and social welfare, is very frightening...China is so wrapped up in preparing for the 2008 Olympics (eg: beautifying facades) it seems to be avoiding its deeper urban issues all together.

On Monday, the NYtimes noted that Dubai is amidst a similar crisis (read). I would be interested to see if the Chinese have any "architecture for humanity"-type organizations dealing with this forced migration. Maybe you know?

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