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musician, Little Wings, is a friend of my sisters.
His real name is Kyle...and he's a pretty funny guy
music style: post-modern beach boys / califorina_regional
Wikipedia, naturally, describes him best:

"...Kyle's fluid surfing style displays both the swooping and soaring of a gull...his transient, hippyish lyrical tones smack of west coast Buddhist-flavored beat poetry in the early spirit of Richard Brautigan...During a disastrous tour of Hawaii in the Spring of 2006, Kyle slept under a bridge because no one, including the organizers of the tour, knew he was in town..."

It's an experience to hear Kyle Fields talk and sing, but to see his drawings, one is fully blown away by his talent and imagination. I love his subtle/muted color palette of pinks, beige, light blues and greys to portrait the surreal california beach style of foggy mornings and sunny laid-back afternoons (a lot like Richard Diebenkorn's landscapes)...check out more of 'Uncle' Kyle's illustrations on his website: {{ kyledraws }} Maybe one day you will see this Dharma Bum, bumming and jamming around your neighborhood...in the meantime, listen to music samples of Little Wings (through the itunes music store...yes, they've got him too!)

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Anonymous said...

i love uncle kyle!
& i love you! keep doing what you do----------