I've always loved graphic designer, Jason Munn's albums for my favorite bands: Blonde Redhead, Animal Collective, M. Ward, and of course...Wilco. He is actually currently featured in SFMoma's "CCA at 100: Innovation by Design" until August.

Footnote: I have a history with CCA. I love that school, especially, when I was in a high school and on the side, took an architecture studio class there. This was before they took the C off. I think they feared "Craft" sent the wrong visual image to people: old lady knitting circles and pre-school noodle craft projects. However, some of the best artists have come out of Oakland's College of Arts & Crafts (CCAC) when it was truly proud of 'Craft' attached to its name. Craft is a culture, a means, a process and a poetry that should be redeemed. Actually, I'm now just seeing a revival of the word. From Dwell, Readymade, Rural Studio to eco-fashion and now the exciting re-launch of American Craft, craft is becoming super trendy.

The dexterity involved in a well-crafted table, is timeless and almost, unholy.

Anyways, I loved that school. The Arch studio class was challenging, but totally up my alley....model building, drawing, thinking and constructing galore. I was finally with my people, in my element. 6 years later, I'm a college graduate and already miss designing and working on projects. However, design is life. "Architecture is everything, everything is Architecture", so I probably shouldn't fear that it will escape my life.

Richard Neutra always said: "design for life"

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Shiny Black Shoes said...

you summed that up nicely, i agree about craft. just spent about an hour on your blog, it's wonderful!